Stories for Work

Create beautiful visual Instagram-style stories, and share them at work. Wherever you're working, tell your story with Quipr.

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Create beautiful visual stories

Use a modern interface you already know and love, create a few stories to be viewed together, one after the other, and send them all as one “Quip”.

Slack and MS Teams integrations

Quipr plays nice with your existing tools. You can share a Quip directly using a link, or take advantage of our Slack and MS Teams integrations.

View detailed stats and analytics

Quipr offers real time analytics, detailing everything about the views and engagement of each story, so you’re always in the know.

Managers & Executives

Whether you’re the CEO or a team leader, use Quipr to communicate with your employees in a visual way - just like they choose to do in their everyday life.

News & Updates

Get the word out on your new product, ask people to vote for the location of your next retreat or just make sure everyone remembers the COVID-19 safety measures.

Announce & Shoutout

Charlie has a birthday, Robin just closed a deal with a huge client and Jackie beat the deadline by a whole month. They deserve more than just a plain old email.

Quipr works where you work

Quipr is available across devices, and no installation is required to view quips.

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